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Impact of American Taxpayer Relief Act on Roth IRAs by Sean Deviney

Posted on January 31, 2013 by Richard Berkowitz

The American Taxpayer Relief Act passed by Congress in early January addresses conversions of pre-tax 401(k) accounts to Roth. Until now, participants in a 401(k) could not convert their pre-tax 401(k) account to a Roth 401(k) unless they qualified for a distributable event (i.e. termination of employment, age 65, etc.). The new tax law now […]

Are Your Bank Accounts Still FDIC Insured?

Posted on January 21, 2013

The New Year marked the expiration of a two-year temporary provision granting unlimited federal insurance coverage on deposits held in noninterest-bearing transaction accounts.  These typically include certain business, non-profit and municipality checking accounts as well as lawyer trust accounts and that require quick access to large amounts of money.   Effective Jan. 1, 2013, the Federal […]

Tax Certainty Improves, but the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Debate Isn’t Over

Posted on January 16, 2013

President Obama signed into law a Congressional bill called the American Taxpayer Relief Act that will mean increased taxes for many taxpayers but prevented steeper increases while delaying debate on fiscal issues that could rock the economy. The newfound tax certainty under the American Taxpayer Relief Act was a welcome holiday-season gift. But political fights […]

Dragnet and Defensible Valuations by Richard Pollack

Posted on January 02, 2013

Over the past 35 years Berkowitz Pollack Brant has built a strong and diverse business valuation practice. Our services are valuable for clients dealing with acquisitions, partnership disputes, government inquiries or other situations in which a representation of assets is required. You may remember the television series “Dragnet” from the late 1960s and Sgt. Joe […]

Financial Services and the CPA – A Guaranteed Path To Success by Richard Berkowitz

Posted on January 02, 2013 by Richard Berkowitz

By Richard A. Berkowitz, JD, CPA; Managing Director, Berkowitz Pollack Brant; Chairman, Provenance Wealth Advisors Paradigm shifts in the delivery of financial services and products has opened up enormous opportunities for CPAs to take their rightful place as principal financial advisors to their clients. The remaining large brokerage houses continue to require large production minimums […]