Find A Culture Where You Can Thrive

Berkowitz Pollack Brant recognizes that every member of our team is unique, each with a different set of circumstances, skills and aspirations. In celebrating this diversity, we have created a culture that embraces collaboration, professional development, personal satisfaction and work-life integration. You are the pilot of your own success. We provide the tools and support to help you soar.

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We value collaboration over competition and recognize every individual has a voice in shaping the firm’s vision. To maintain this collaborative and empowering culture, we provide opportunities for you to acquire and share knowledge, get to know other firm members professionally and personally, and make an impact in moving the firm and your career forward.

Work-Life Integration

Because each individual has a different definition of work-life balance, we offer flexible work arrangements that allow you to develop your schedule and pursue the professional and personal endeavors that matter most to you.

Leadership and Professional Development

We are dynamic professionals committed to honing our skills and expanding our individual abilities to deliver exceptional service that supports the needs and goals of our clients in a range of industries. This eternal pursuit of innovation, improvement and stewardship is apparent in the many leadership positions we hold with local civic organizations, the AICPA and FICPA, and the numerous speaking engagements in which we are invited to participate.

Giving Back

We have a passion for giving back to the community where we live and work. We volunteer our time, raise funds and serve on the boards of charities and other organizations that improve the communities we serve.