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Governmental and Quasi-Governmental Entities

Due to their diverse constituencies, governments and quasi-governmental entities should hold themselves to higher levels of audit standards. The hazards of perceived negligence, personal reputational risk and negative media coverage should make elected and appointed officials sensitive to the needs for third-party verification of standards.

Berkowitz Pollack Brant is uniquely suited to providing these types of services. Our Government Audits team consists of individuals who have served in public office and experienced consultants who have years of experience and additional training in the nuances of governmental agencies.

Services can be targeted to cover development and growth issues and quality of life issues and include:

  • Review and identification of potential risk areas
  • Analysis of selected accounts and areas to see if like revenues and expenses are trending properly
  • Audit of policies and procedures to ensure that they are being performed as designed.
  • Growth issues including procurement and budget guidelines and segregation of duties
  • Trending of revenues as they pertain to quality of life issues such as park fees and other residential items and reserve policies and designations
  • Retreat facilitation with elected officials and/or staff to develop budget prioritization
  • Conduct information technology risk management reviews, including information security program, IT governance assessment and IT strategic planning
  • Conduct IT vulnerability assessments, monitoring and detection and response as well as reviewing the technologies and reporting to identify issues and weaknesses.
  • Assess business continuity and disaster recovery plans
  • Review and create data governance and classification programs to cover the process to classification classify and protect data
  • Provide guidance on strategy and governance, segregation of duties and IT portfolio risk assessment
  • Analyze threat and vulnerability programs
  • Conduct privacy regulation reviews, penetration testing and mobile device assessment.


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