Family Office Services

Families and individuals with complicated financial lives have more important things to do than dispute incorrect charges on their credit card statements, pay the monthly cell phone bill or contact the bank to wire money into Junior’s college account. Our family CFO services enable busy people to leave the details to a trusted third party, ensuring that bills are paid on time, disputes are resolved and the water at the ski house never gets turned off because the bill got lost in the mail.

We provide peace of mind, save you time and offer real-time access vis phone, tablet or computer.

We coordinate and collaborate closely with personal advisors, including tax, financial advisor, bankers and attorneys. In addition, we can create and maintain LLCs and tax-advantaged entities for properties, business ventures and other assets

Other services include:

Financial Management

All your important documents are housed in our encrypted network which are accessible 24 hours a day on your phone or computer. This allows you to avoid running to your safe deposit boxes or worrying about items stored in your home. In the event of a natural disaster or medical emergency, all insurance documents, healthcare records and important information will be safe and accessible.

Taking advantage of family CFO services also means that your year-end tax preparation will be smoother. Your records for second homes, rental properties and LLCs will be in perfect order, which makes your tax accountant’s job easier and saves you time and money.

These services are particularly useful for co-owned assets so that the detail work does not fall on only one individual. Co-owned property involved in disputes can be managed through our CFO solutions services to ensure all expenses are paid on time and that both parties are contributing to the terms of the agreement.