Tax Reform Seminar Materials

Posted on January 25, 2018 by Joseph Saka

On January 18, 2018, several of our tax and consulting leaders presented an overview of the Tax Cuts and Job Act and offered thoughts on strategies for high-net-worth individuals, families, entrepreneurs and businesses. More than 300 clients and friends attended the programs and many have requested copies of the slides used by our presenters.

For convenience, we broke them into segments.

Tax Reform – Domestic High-Net-Worth Jan. 18, 2018

Tax Reform – Real Estate Companies Jan 18, 2018

Tax Reform- Pass-Thru Entities Jan 18, 2018

Tax Reform – Corporate and Business Deductions Jan 18, 2018

Tax Reform – International Outbound – Jan 18, 2018

Tax Reform – International Inbound Jan 18 2018



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Information in the presentations is subject to change based on further interpretation of the law and guidance issued by the Internal Revenue Service.