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Berkowitz Pollack Brant – 35 Years of Excellence

Posted on March 21, 2015


Berkowitz Pollack Brant has provided tax, audit, consulting, forensic and international services for more than 35 years. CEO Richard Berkowitz takes a look and forward and shares his thoughts on the firm’s grown and evolution.

The most incredible and the coolest change is how much capacity we have and how much capability we have to do really extraordinary stuff for clients. As we grew, it wasn’t about whether you could bring in business or whether you could just add dollars. It was whether we were really in a position to help clients out and help them in their businesses. I kept looking at the things we couldn’t do. We really see our future as being based on consulting and here we really didn’t have a consulting practice so I think it’s been like that the whole way through and it even goes back to PWA – we were providing financial planning to our clients in the 90’s, 80’s and 90’s, but we would refer the business out to life insurance companies, banks, this that and the other. The way in which they did their work and their planning wasn’t very good. The reason that PWA came on was because we started working with Eric on some mutual clients – Terry Schultz, actually – was working with Eric. Terry came and said, “These people really approached this in a way that is really excellent and it’s terrific for our clients. We need to start talking to them.” We are so much better at serving clients because it’s such a great service for clients because it was some of the best stuff we’d ever done. We were integrating the accounting and the tax with the financial services. There are so many firms that try to do it and our firm has been so successful in doing it because we approached it the right way. We approached it in a way that we were integrating the services for the benefit of our clients and we integrated our approach together and we made so that CPAs could become confident that when financial planners came into a client – they did so without jeopardizing the relationship for the CPA and the CPAs relationship with the clients was enhanced. That is what is still driving our growth in this area because everything that we’ve done over the years has been focused on making the client experience better. It goes back to what Tom Garfinkel talked about today. That’s been really the engine of growth. As long as we focus on how we’re going to make and provide better services for clients and things that they need us to do, we will always continue to grow because there’s always more we can do for clients. There are not that many people doing it well out there but when we do it, we do it really well.


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