Berkowitz Pollack Brant is Committed to the Community

Posted on March 05, 2015

We actively encourage and support involvement with social, educational and other organizations in our culturally diverse community. We are committed to excellence and leadership in our profession.

We have several people in this room who are participating in community organizations: Leadership Broward, Leadership Miami – participating in community organizations that are trying to assist helping the less fortunate in our community. We have several people who are leading charitable organizations. At the same time that we’re involved in charitable organizations across the areas that we work in, we’re also deeply involved in the leadership of professional organizations. In the Real Estate industry, in the AICPA, the FICPA. This firm is committed to not only giving back to our community but giving back to our profession. It is incumbent upon all of you to take leadership in these types of areas because it is part of being a leader.