Berkowitz Pollack Brant’s Business Consulting Group Enhances Profitability for Clients

Posted on March 18, 2015

Chief Consulting Officer Steve Nouss shares what makes our consulting practice unique.


I think our consulting group has a passion to try and figure out how to strengthen their internal control structure or strengthen their operational focus. Help grow the top line, reduce expenses which then results in growing the bottom line which everyone is happy with.


Internal audit is kind of like the highway patrol on the interstate. If you park a car out there, everyone is going to go the speed limit. Same type of process with an internal audit. Just having a couple hundred hours a year in your business structure to have some checks and balances over simple things like bank reconciliations or payroll review – that type of internal audit function can really pay dividends and at the same time be a good basis for control structure within your organization.


Internal controls, not a very sexy topic but everybody needs them. You got to have controls to know and feel comfortable that revenue is being recorded properly, all the expenses that you’ve incurred are being appropriately booked and making sure that you know where your cash is at all times.


IT – a lot of people say, “What is it?” and we all need it. Information technology – we all utilize it upon a daily basis. Absolutely critical to our business operations from the standpoint of a disaster recovery or business continuity but more importantly how to use IT more efficiently. That’s an avenue that we’re going down and kind of spreading out in a number of branches of helping people with IT. Making sure that the infrastructure is solid, maybe you still have servers as opposed to being in the Cloud. Being in the Cloud can create a lot of efficiencies and a lot of savings for you so leveraging IT, knowing what you have, having somebody test it on a regular basis and introducing new ways to use technology that will improve efficiency and the effectiveness of your operations is always a welcome addition for many of our clients. So any time we visit with somebody we talk about IT.


Looking for opportunities to help a client with risk, a lot of times they will have a particular issue, we’ll evaluate that issue and come up with suggestions but we then also have other issues that come up that can allow us to provide a solution and a suggestion and implement stages of development for them.


Clients are always interested in finding better ways to do things. So, a lot of times they’ll bring us into evaluate a particular area of whether that be their revenue cycle or an operational type issue. What you review and analyze is that you come up with some suggestions. Nine times out of ten, there will be a number of other opportunities that pop up. You sort of lay those out and do a kind of risk analysis as to which ones to prioritize and then come up with a strategy or implementation plan and do it in kind big steps as you walk through the process and find a solution that would work for them.