Our Real Estate Practice is One of the Largest and Most Experienced in the State

Posted on April 01, 2015

Real Estate Tax Director John Ebenger explains the components of our practice that make us a leader in the field and an invaluable resource for developer, landowners, project managers and real estate investors.


The Real Estate practice at Berkowitz Pollack Brant is unique because we have spent a number of years building what would be considered one of the largest real estate tax practices and including audit in the Southeast United states. We have consistently performed major projects or specialized projects for our clients and have grown substantially over the last ten years. The tax practice is specifically focused on client’s high-net-worth and client’s and/or entities that hold substantial amount of real estate and we do a lot of tax planning, structuring and estate tax planning as well as compliance related to those clients.


We currently represent a number of real estate developers in that we assist in again structuring their transactions from the initial set-up all the way through to the sale. As well as the compliance related to those transactions and any kind of special tax planning that may be able to accelerate deductions, minimize state income tax issues and other tax related projects.


I think our firm is best known for real estate consulting actually in that a number of clients, including many of the legal professionals search out for our firm in order to assist their clients in complex consulting transactions. We’ve been known to take work that historically has not been done correctly and fix it or more importantly assist a client in helping them structure a transaction to minimize a tax consequence or said in another way, actually maximize the tax deferral.


One of the things that I enjoy about working at this firm is that we work in a collaborative approach. One of the teams that we work with is the audit practice so many of the clients that we serve have both audit and tax practice or audit and tax services. The audit practice is led by John Young who has a number of years of experience in dealing with real estate type clients.