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The July 31 deadline for businesses to file annual employee benefit plan returns (or request a three-month filing extension) is right around the corner. While all employers offering defined contribution plans will find a few changes to the information reporting requirements found on IRS Form 5500, those with 100 or more eligible plan participants should […]

Whether you are a long-time Florida business owner, or you recently relocated your company or staff to the state, it is that time of year when you must begin preparing for hurricane season, which runs annually from June 1 through November 30. The following checklist is intended to help you protect and preserve your assets, […]

Home prices across the country have hit record highs over the past few years as the number of homes for sale has remained in short supply. While this rising demand has been good news for sellers looking for big profits, it has also resulted in larger tax bills for many. Potential Exclusion of Taxable Gains […]

In this episode Director of Real Estate Tax Services Eric Green explains the benefits of participating in Opportunity Zones as a developer, investor or fund manager.

Florida residents have two sales-tax exemption opportunities in July, when they can purchase a variety of items in the state tax-free. Three additional sales-tax holidays lasting one to two years also begin on July 1, 2022. Freedom Week returns for a second year, beginning on July 1 and running through July 7. During this time, […]

The pandemic and subsequent years of economic uncertainty have proven that change is the one constant business leaders must accept and continually prepare for, not only to survive, but also to thrive over the long term. While changes may involve modifications to specific segments of a business, such as narrowing or expanding geographic distribution, products […]

In this episode Director of Consulting Services Steve Nouss explains the various types of SOC reports. Companies that have their processes reviewed under SOC standards give peace of mind to vendors and customers.

One of the most basic tenets of tax efficiency is tax-loss harvesting, or the practice of selling underperforming investments and creating a capital loss that you can then use to offset capital gains and ultimately reduce the amount of income subject to tax. Despite the simplicity of this concept, there is a myriad of complexities […]

To help its residents prepare for the 2022 hurricane season, the Florida legislature announced it has extended its annual disaster-preparedness sales tax holiday to run for two weeks between Saturday, May 28, and Friday, June 10, 2022. ┬áDuring this period, consumers and businesses in the state by purchase the following items free of sales tax: […]

June 1 marks the start of the Atlantic hurricane season and the potential for tropical force winds and heavy rainfall to damage property and impede business operations. The key to minimizing losses and getting your company back up and running after a storm is to have an actionable plan in place before the National Weather […]