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In July 2023, IRS issued guidance granting taxpayers temporary relief from compliance with recently enacted laws concerning required minimum distributions (RMDs) from tax-deferred retirement accounts, including individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and 401(k)s. Beginning Age for RMDs In 2019, the president signed into law the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act (SECURE Act) that, […]

On this episode Director of Tax Services Jonathan Kraes shares issues and opportunities for individuals who purchase private airplanes.  

A Pennsylvania judge recently vacated a plaintiff’s $25 million damages award based on the plaintiff’s expert failure to provide at trial “a sufficient factual basis” for the numbers he relied on for calculating lost profits. Although the judge in Paramount Financial: Civil Action Communications, et al. v. Broadridge investor: Communications Solutions agreed with the jury’s […]

Individuals and couples often establish trusts as a component of greater estate planning strategies to shield assets from creditors. However, if a couple decides to divorce, many questions can arise over whether the trusts also shield one party from support obligations and whether the trust assets are subject to equitable distribution. While these questions are […]

With football season underway, the NFL and its franchises are gearing up for another display of skill and competition. However, beyond the game itself, the financial landscape surrounding the NFL continues to evolve. With each passing season, NFL teams have seen their values increase to unprecedented levels. For instance, in July 2023, NFL owners unanimously […]

An economic damages case aims to make the plaintiff “whole” again. There are two methods by which damages may be calculated: an appraisal of the value of the business as of the date of loss and a measure of the plaintiff’s loss of profits. What is the correct measure of damages to use in your case? Could […]

The IRS has extended until Feb. 15, 2024, various tax-filing and tax-payment deadlines for individuals and businesses recently impacted by Hurricane Idalia, which first made landfall on Florida’s west coast on Aug. 27, 2023. The postponed deadline applies automatically to taxpayers with homes or businesses located in the following jurisdictions declared as federal disaster areas: […]

In this episode Associate Director of Tax Services Joseph Leuchter explains how repair regulations can create favorable tax situations for business owns, real estate developers and other tax payers.

The best remedy for an audit is to be prepared for one before the audit letter arrives. Tax-planning decisions should never be made based on the likelihood of a potential IRS audit; however, you can set yourself up for success if an audit occurs. Following are 10 tips to help you keep your financial life […]

The IRS’s Criminal Division ramped up its enforcement efforts relating to Maltese pension plans, which gained popularity after the signing of the U.S.-Malta Tax Treaty 2011 and the subsequent enactment of Malta’s Retirement Pension Act of 2011. In recent weeks, the department began issuing summons to U.S. taxpayers who participated in Maltese pension plans and […]