Business Insurance Claims

Maximizing the financial recovery from an insured situation requires a full understanding of all of the aspects of the loss and their impact on business operations.

With this information, a comprehensive methodology can be developed to capture data necessary to measure and support the loss.

We work in close collaboration to ensure that we leverage our extensive claims service and your team’s business operations knowledge.

Conducting and quantifying losses often requires the extraction of large amounts of data from a company’s information systems and other third-party documents. Our team identifies the information and develops it into transactional databases that are analyzed to identify current and potential losses.

These activities require deep proficiency with information technology solutions. We are highly adept in the delivery of information technology services. In addition, we utilize our expertise in the investigation of business records and how transactions are identified, coded and recorded in the accounting records to analyze data and generate reports. These reports clearly and concisely identify current and potential areas of loss.