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Family Law Forensics

Our Family Law Forensics practice provides the technical expertise and specialized experience required to simplify complex financial information prior to, during and after divorce. With a keen understanding of both the legal and financial intricacies of these matters, we are able to partner with attorneys and apply our tax, accounting and audit skills to help them uncover hidden facts, value assets, develop case strategy and provide credible and reliable expert testimony at mediations, hearings and trials. In all that we do, we focus on the issues that are of importance to our clients and strive to achieve the outcomes that enable them to move on with a realistic expectation of what lies ahead in their next phases of life.


Our Family Law Forensics services include:

Consulting on prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

  • Analyzing lifestyle and income needs
  • Assessing income, including in-kind benefits; deferred income, such as alternative compensation arrangements; cash flow; and disposable income
  • Assisting with post-judgment budgeting and division of assets
  • Computing spousal and child support scenarios
  • Evaluating marital and non-marital assets and their appreciated value
  • Evaluating tax liabilities and tax implications of financial scenarios
  • Preparing financial affidavits; deposition questions; responses to Mandatory Disclosure, Requests for Production and interrogatories; trial binders and exhibits
  • Tracing assets and identifying undisclosed sources of income
  • Valuing complex businesses, professional practices and closely-held companies with personal and family ownership interests

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