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Computer Forensics

Our forensic technology services group has specialized experience and certifications to unravel and manage the maze of electronic information encountered in litigation and forensic accounting, corporate, and governmental investigations.

The risks, challenges and benefits of electronically stored information (“ESI”) are significant. As organizations strive to become more efficient, they use a variety of technologies to store documents electronically. In many cases, we find that these technology storage systems do not communicate with other technology systems within the same organization. This diminishes the ability to extract and analyze information important for the litigation and/or the investigation.

In these situations, our professionals use their unique skill-sets and assist by extracting and managing ESI that resides on the various technology platforms within an organization.

Specific services in this area include:

  • Access Services – Providing access to ESI by legal counsel and clients; loading ESI into law firm document review and retrieval software.
  • Acquisition and Preservation Services – Capturing ESI consistent with forensically sound and accepted methodologies to establish the chain-of-custody and provide evidence that recovered data is a true unaltered copy of the original.
  • Analytical Services – Reviewing the retrieved ESI for relevance and identification of potentially privileged documents and other information.
  • Electronic Discovery Services – Assisting with electronic discovery issues, including meet and confer, discovery plans, discovery scope and limits, privileged and protection issues, interrogatories, translation to reasonably usable form, safe harbor and subpoenas.
  • Expert Testimony Services – Providing expert testimony concerning all areas of electronically stored information, including authentication of data, compliance with discovery matters and other areas.
  • IT Assessment Services – Identifying and analyzing the current IT environment to determine the scope, sources, formats, locations and custodians of ESI that are potentially relevant to discovery.
  • Search and Retrieval Services – Identifying relevant documents utilizing the latest forensic technology software applications and proprietary methodologies for searches based on keywords, search terms and data filters.

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