Cyber Security Risk Mitigation and Crisis Response

The dangers and threats of the online world are always near and ever changing. It takes skill, diligence and experience to protect families and businesses, information and privacy online.

Our team of highly experienced IT professionals and cybersecurity specialists apply its skills to help clients protect themselves, understand their cyber insurance needs and react immediately if something goes awry.

If systems are infiltrated, companies can see their reputations and customer trust ruined in minutes. Our goal is to take every step possible to avoid this situation. By evaluating the current security stack and recommending a layered defense model, we help family offices and businesses protect against ransomware, phishing, and other malicious attacks.

We execute ongoing training for companies and implement a full information safety program that uses industry best practices. Clients often turn to us to help develop backup and disaster recovery plans, incident response programs, and continuity-based backup systems.

Our process often begins with a review of a company’s compliance requirements followed by a gap analysis. Initial assessments often include vulnerability scanning, penetration testing and other activities unique to the client’s industry, services and geography. For example, companies with government contracts (NIST/CMMC) have different requirements from entities than entities that hold medical records (HIPPA) or businesses that retain personal information about their customers.

Clients are well-served to engage us before they have an incident, but, if a security breach has happened, we work to immediately plug the gap and shore up defenses. We then work to identify and remediate weak spots.

Our Cybersecurity Services include: