Athletes and Entertainers

Uniquely talented individuals often find themselves in a position of extreme wealth and suddenly surrounded by people who want a piece. The reality is that incoming cash flow is often short term and dries up as fast as it begins.

People who have spent their lifetime practicing on the field, studio or court often have limited financial knowledge and do not know how to protect their new-found assets and ensure that they last when their playing days are over.

Trustworthy accounting expertise and estate planning guidance can mean the difference between a comfortable retirement and a life of scraping for every dollar. Your CPA is not attempting to generate merchandising opportunities of which he or she gets a piece of the action. The CPA’s job is to minimize tax obligations and be sure your assets are structured in a way that creates wealth preservation and longevity while protecting against fraud, bad business dealings and snakes who are preying on the wealthy and uninformed.

Let your agent connect your brand to fans. We are here to protect your finances.

Our services include:

Estate Planning

A comprehensive estate plan can preserve today’s wealth for your family and future generations while ensuring you can enjoy your money today. By leveraging insurance, trusts and philanthropic planning, we can help you protect and build your assets.


Private and family foundations are excellent tools for giving back on your own terms and sustaining long-term impact. Helping to structure a foundation, while working through the definition of your mission and legacy are valuable services our team provides.

Revenue Audits

Endorsements, royalties and branding opportunities create situations where you can be deprived of the full value of your agreement. Recurring audits can ensure you receive the money you have earned.

Risk Management

High-profile individuals with money are preyed on by multitudes of people out to get their share. Our team can help protect you from asset-draining influences ranging from family members with business schemes, people who sell overpriced luxury items, speculative investments that come out of the woodwork and other get-rich-quick scams.

Spending and Budgeting

Income grows and peaks during each phase of your career. A spending plan that considers your post-career needs will help ensure that your money lasts and help you avoid becoming a statistic.

Tax Management

Athletes and entertainers are subject to unique and complex tax situations. With appropriate planning and structuring of your estate, you can mitigate tax liabilities and protect your assets.



Our team works with athletes and entertainers across the Americas and appreciates the need for discretion while minimizing tax obligations and creating wealth preservation.