Real Estate Investment, Development and Management

Berkowitz Pollack Brant has one of the largest real estate tax practices in the US. Long-time clients include major developers, construction companies, property owners and managers, landholders, and REITs.

Real estate transactions encompass a wide-range of specialties and no two deals are alike. Our team of professionals includes individuals with tax, audit, accounting systems implementation, business valuation, dispute resolution and other areas of expertise.

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Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) require sophisticated tax and accounting expertise to manage their complex regulatory requirements and audit obligations. Cost control, managing efficiencies and streamlining operations are important components of a profitable REIT.

Berkowitz Pollack Brant provides these unique entities with insight on a variety of REIT-specific tax and accounting rules and regulatory requirements. Our real estate practice has experience with organizations that own and manage office, multifamily, retail, industrial and other real estate investments, including in-house involvement and proficiency in both traditional and mortgage REITs.

Our REIT services include:

Accounting Systems Implementation

Integrated accounting systems are among the most valuable tools a company can use. Well-selected and fully implemented systems enable businesses to generate real-time reports, seamlessly connect financial data, and streamline the input and outflow of information.

Our consulting team has years of experience with the most common and niche providers in this space. We apply our knowledge and discipline to the selection process and oversee implementation to ensure the use of all system functionality. We typically stay on-site to help guide in-house teams on the transition to a new system.

As one of the largest providers of tax and business consulting services to the real estate industry, our firm has expertise in portfolio, joint-venture, construction and REIT accounting.