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International Trade

Conducting business on an international scale requires an understanding of tariffs, treaties, contract regulations, transportation and logistics. Each component impacts taxes, filing requirements and ultimately bottom-profits. A knowledgeable and resourceful expert by your side can help your company go far.

Our professionals have experience handling the challenges of multi-state and global operations. They know the questions to ask, the advice to provide and the traps to watch for in tailoring multi-state plans. Their guidance is especially helpful for companies in pre-expansion phases. A thoughtful conversation before expansion can help ensure that the eventual tax burden does not outweigh the opportunity.

International Tax Services

  • Strategic planning, including issues such as choice of country or legal entity
  • Federal, state and local tax compliance for US businesses with foreign owners
  • Licensing and maximizing after-tax royalty income
  • Foreign tax credits
  • Controlled foreign corporations
  • Branch profits
  • Cross-border transactions
  • Transaction with foreign related parties
  • Joint ventures with foreign partners
  • Assessing the tax impact of currency fluctuations
  • Transfer pricing
  • Intellectual property and holding company jurisdictions
  • US ownership of foreign corporations and partnerships
  • Due diligence for mergers and acquisitions
  • Export tax incentives (IC-Disc)
  • Using treaties to mitigate tax costs of cross-border transactions
  • Financing foreign operations
  • Exchange controls and repatriation of capital and profits
  • Mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations in a multinational context
  • Repatriation planning

Personal Tax and Employment Issues

  • Expatriate tax services for employees
  • Pre-immigration planning
  • EB-5 opportunities
  • Foreign trusts and estates
  • Wealth preservation strategies
  • Foreign earned income exclusions
  • Residency elections and dual-residence filing
  • Compensation planning
  • Federal, state and local taxes for expatriates
  • Foreign gifts and inheritance
  • Foreign Investment in Real Property (FIRPTA)



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