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Financial Institutions and Banking Practice

Our firm has a wide range of experience in assisting domestic and international banking institutions, mortgage servicing companies, financial advisory firms and payment systems operators on the unique audit, tax and regulatory requirements of their respective industries.

In many cases these issues overlap, such as discounting home mortgages and allowing for loan loss reserves for servicers, lenders and bulk-purchase investors. Our risk-based approach to audit and attest services is tailored to the operating model of our clients with a goal of minimizing the impact to their daily operations.

We take this approach to maximize the benefit of our services, address critical issues quickly, avoid surprises and share timely information related to leading practices and industry trends.

Our work in this sector ranges from standard financial statement audits to complex investigations of fraud and misdealing, including:

  • Anti-money laundering matters
  • Bank fraud schemes
  • Banking investigations
  • Bank regulatory compliance, including Bank Secrecy Act, Dodd-Frank provisions and Know Your Customer
  • Ethics policies compliance investigations
  • Financial institution audits
  • Improper financial reporting
  • Intercompany and related-party transaction investigations
  • Loan underwriting and documentation analysis
  • Policies and procedures development, reviews and compliance
  • Tracing of funds and check-kiting
  • Unauthorized transaction investigations



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