Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Investigations

Multi-national companies with subsidiaries or agents who have control over purchasing or acquisition of goods and services must be proactive to properly comply with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). Non-compliance with the FCPA can result in criminal charges, fines and penalties, reputational harm and civil liabilities.

Our firm works with attorneys and government agencies on investigations of the implementation of FCPA internal controls, FCPA policy development and kickback schemes. Our team has experience in handling global due diligence investigations related to whistleblowers and governmental enforcement actions. This often means working quickly and quietly behind the scenes, analyzing massive amounts of data and creating policies and procedures that will protect companies and prevent future FCPA concerns.

FCPA actions are often a company’s worst moment, and we work discretely with internal compliance professionals, general counsel and outside attorneys to create policies to mitigate risk and lessen the potential impact of reputational risk. We have trained forensic accountants that combine their accounting knowledge with investigative skills, using this unique combination in litigation support and investigative accounting settings. We also help implement remedial action plans and go-forward compliance programs following investigations.

Our global investigations group has in-country experience in Latin America and Europe, where we have conducted risk assessments, due diligence, court-ordered and internal inquiries into corporate transactions, procurement schemes and other episodes of misdealing. Our work often leads to detailed compliance reports, development and implementation of effective internal controls and policies that protect the company.