Benefits of Working with Recruiting Specialists to Fill Finance, Accounting Positions by Mari Luque-Hanchett

Posted on April 30, 2024 by Joseph Saka

Businesses spend significant time and resources recruiting and hiring professionals for accounting and finance positions. In the current job market, the entire process can take more than six months. To reduce these burdens and enable your company’s executives to focus their efforts on growing your business, consider working with a third-party recruiting firm specializing in these fields.

There are many different types of staffing agencies, recruiting firms and consultants that can help businesses fill open positions with qualified candidates. Some are generalists who hire for a broad range of job descriptions, while others concentrate their efforts on specific industries or professions that demand unique skill sets and may be harder to fill. In both cases, third-party recruiters rely on their expertise and resources to connect you to prospective candidates with the experience and technical proficiency vacant positions demand, as well as the values and soft skills needed to fit within your company’s culture. They become partners in your company’s ongoing success, taking the time to understand your business and staffing requirements and providing the following benefits to help ensure long-term employment relationships.

Frees Up your Time

Advertising for an open position and sorting through hundreds of job applications to find the few candidates who meet specific job qualifications is a tedious process. Countless hours may be spent reading resumes and interviewing candidates only to find that those individuals do not actually meet a business’s hiring needs.

By contrast, recruiters are trained to quickly identify the proverbial needle in the haystack and distinguish qualified candidates from the pack. They know where to look for job candidates and how to narrow down the talent pool. They are also experienced in negotiating salaries and onboarding prospective hires, should you need such assistance. This speeds up the entire hiring process and frees business owners and their executives to focus their time on mission-critical operations.

Gives You Access to a Wide Pool of Qualified Job Candidates

Most recruiters spend years building a network of job seekers and prospective candidates to fill various positions. Their contacts can span a wide range of industries and expertise, giving you quick and easy access to a deep pool of highly qualified job candidates. They also research the market and call on your competitors and industry leaders to help identify the most suitable candidates for the jobs you are looking to fill. This can be especially helpful when you work with professionals who specialize in finding talent in a specific industry or field of business.

Reduces Risks

Recruiters can help ensure a job candidate is a good fit with your organization and protect you from the financial and reputational risks of making a bad hire. They know how to properly vet job candidates by conducting background checks, verifying qualifications, assessing work style and identifying potential red flags before you ever look at a resume or meet a prospective new hire face to face.

Offers Cost Efficiency

Working with an experienced recruiter is an investment in your business and its talent. Recruiting fees typically are based on a percentage of the job candidate’s first-year salary, which is likely less costly than leaving a job vacant or making a hiring mistake.

About the Author: Mari Luque-Hanchett is an associate director of talent acquisition with Berkowitz Pollack Brant and head of the firm’s Recruiting and Talent Acquisition service line, which helps businesses source and retain highly skilled staff across the globe. She can be reached at the firm’s West Palm Beach, Fla. office at (561) 361-2050 or