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Post-Hurricane Irma Message for Firm Members

Posted on September 12, 2017 by Joseph Saka

Our Miami, Boca Raton and West Palm Beach offices will officially open tomorrow, Wednesday, September 13.   We are connected and all offices are air conditioned.   The Ft. Lauderdale office should be avoided due to water damage which is already being remediated.

Many firm members are still without power and taking care of properties.  We understand that school is still out and we welcome your children and families, although it will be tight with people relocating from the Ft. Lauderdale office. If you do decide to bring your family members to the office we recommend that you bring things to entertain them and pack a lunch as we are uncertain as to how many restaurants are currently open in each area.

If you cannot make it in for travel or other reasons, please let Celia know ASAP. We understand that many people will be traveling back to South Florida in the next few days. Do not feel pressured. The safety of our firm members and their families remains our top priority.

Karina worked last week as the storm was bearing down to process payroll so there will be no delay in receiving your paycheck.  The HelpDesk will be open from 8 am to 6 pm. this week should you need assistance while working remotely or in the offices.

When entering your time for Hurricane Irma office closures and recovery please use the following process:

  • For Hurricane Irma office closures on September 7, 8, 11 and 12, from the Timesheet Details screen: Code: 9050, Service: Time Off, Analysis: 9260 Office Closed/Jury Duty
  • For those who cannot safely make it back to the office, are unable to work remotely or those who need time in the coming weeks to deal with insurance, repairs or other issues, we are providing you with two options: (1) you can take the time off as PTO or (2) you can make up the time by October 31, 2017.  If you choose one of these options, please let Celia and your supervisor know.   To enter your time for this option from the Timesheet Details screen: Code: 9050, Service: Time Off, Analysis: 9340 Time Off For Hurricane.  Please note that this applies only to staff who cannot make it into the office or cannot work remotely.
  • If you are making up the time, enter your time worked for the entire day and enter a negative entry for the hours being made up into code 9340.  For example, your time for Thursday is 12 hours billable.  Enter 12 hours to client XXXX and 4 hours negative to code 9340.  4 hours will come out of the time off for hurricane.  Your net hours for the day will be 8.00.


The IRS has announced a tax extension for impacted counties in Florida but we still have work to do and we need to connect with clients. We will be sending another client communication piece shortly.


Please remember to respond to the firm member status email or text ASAP.   And remember that if you need assistance, please call the Hotline at 305-960-8954 or reach out to Celia directly.

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