Rising Inflation Brings Higher HSA Contribution Limits in 2024 by Rick D. Bazzani, CPA

Posted on July 11, 2023 by Rick Bazzani

Participants in high-deductible health plans will be able to contribute a significantly higher amount to their health savings accounts (HSAs) in 2024 to cover out-of-pocket medical expenses.

The IRS raised the HSA contribution limits for 2024 to $4,150 for individuals and $8,300 for families (up from $3,850 and $7,750, respectively, in 2023.) HSA owners aged 55 and older by Dec. 31, 2024, can make an additional “catch-up” contribution of $1,000.

HSAs offer owners triple-tax benefits. This includes:

To be eligible for an HSA, individuals must meet the following requirements:

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