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Information Technology Consulting

Our IT Advisory and Consulting services team has worked with privately held and publicly traded companies, governmental entities and not-for-profit agencies to help them improve efficiencies and comply with regulatory requirements.

Primary services include information technology audits, IT risk assessments, systems alignment and business process improvement.

Access Management

  • Process development regarding the creation, modification, termination of end user accounts
  • Review of the appropriateness of administrator accounts
  • Review of the existence and appropriateness of generic accounts
  • Process development for non-employee accounts, temporary and third-party accounts
  • Database Administration

Security Controls

  • Guidance for password control standards
  • Analysis of firewalls and security protection
  • Review of security alerts

Change Management

  • Process review of change management procedures
  • Advice regarding establishment of change management controls

Information Technology Operations

  • Review of data backup procedures and controls
  • Reporting and issues management guidance

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