Mergers and Acquisitions Diligence

M&A Due Diligence

Experience has taught us that an intense due diligence process contributes to the success of any transaction. By leveraging the talents of auditors, valuation experts and quality of earnings assessment professionals, we can create a comprehensive overview of a target’s financial, HR, technology, operations and tax risks and opportunities.

This also includes tangible and intangible assets such as corporate culture and governance.

Post-Transaction Services

Appropriately integrating assets and people is a critical component in the success of any transaction. Our team has a proven track record of making these transitions as smooth as possible for our clients.

In addition, by including our tax professionals from the very beginning stages of a deal, we are able to leverage their skills to structure transactions to the maximum benefit of buyer, sellers and merger targets. For example, tax planning in advance of major liquidity events can help individuals protect assets and keep them accessible for business and personal cash flow needs.

Quality of Earnings Reports

Assessing an acquisition target requires more than a look at net income. A quality of earnings report gives buyers more confidence in their understanding of a target. By evaluating a company on more than EBITA, including how a company accumulates and accounts for its revenues, sources of cash and fixed assets, buyers can create a more accurate picture of potential and pitfalls.

In addition, the final report will identify issues and provide recommendations for remedy.